Hawk-a Hawk-a Burnin' Love

Red-Tailed Juvenile Hawk Sighted at the Park! The Red-Tailed Juvenile Hawk is the most common hawk in North America, and the most common hawk found in Shelby Farms Park. Though this is not a rare sighting, it is still a powerful one and the closest encounter Ranger Cody has ever had with a hawk! As you can tell from the photos below, these birds of prey are avid hunters. They prefer to circle open fields or perch aloft in order to more easily find their next meal. Look for them on treetops... Read More
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Nice Calves

One of Shelby Farms Park’s unique features is our iconic herd of American Bison (we call them buffalo). And our family is growing! Four baby buffalo were born this summer, one in May, two in June, and one in July, bringing the total number of the Shelby Farms Park herd to 19.   If you go baby-spotting in the buffalo range (which we highly recommend!), you might count five calves, but don’t confuse the teenager with the newborns. As her name suggests, Stormy was born... Read More
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A Shocking Success

Did you see this peculiar boat out on Patriot Lake in the past couple weeks?  This small but mighty vessel has been on a mission! Park Ranger Cody Herron and Ron Blair, UT Extension Pond + Fishery Specialist for West Tennessee, humanely relocated more than 300 pounds of fish from Patriot Lake i n just two days with this special “stunboat.”   Suggested Listening Playlist while reading this post: “Shock the Monkey”- Peter Gabriel, "Electric Avenue"- Eddy Grant, and... Read More
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For July, Out is In

For July, Out is In #JulyOUTisIN Since July is Parks and Recreation Month, the National Recreation and Park Association has declared that “Out is In.” As a part of their effort to get people off the couch and into the great outdoors, the NRPA wants people to find ways to make typically “inside” activities an outside adventure for the remainder of the month. Nearly three in ten adults do not spend enough time outdoors on a daily basis, so we've provided a list of ideas to get... Read More
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The Trails they Are A-Changin'

Routines are important for runners; we know you park by the ‘big tree’ and have your favorite running route. And bikers, we know you love to ride the same loops through the Tour de Wolf and Wolf River trails. Our trails are fun; it’s easy to get attached. That’s why we are committed to keeping as many trails open as we possibly can during Heart of the Park   construction. That means that we won’t close any trail or road without providing an alternate route.... Read More
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