The BikeSmith

Thanks to the Jim Steffen’s new mobile business the Bikesmith, fixing flats and other bike repairs have become much more convenient for Park users and Memphis cyclists in general. Steffen’s Bikesmith services provide bike retail and repair, as well as bike valet services from his mobile truck. One of the Bikesmith’s most popular services is the pickup/repair/return service. Steffen will pick up a customer’s bike at their home, repair or upgrade it, and return it to the customer at their... Read More
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Navigating the New Bike/Ped Connector Trail

Can I still get from the Wolf River Bridge to the Shelby Farms Greenline? Can I still use Pine Lake Dr. to enter the Park? Is the trail wide enough for bikes and pedestrians? These are a few questions we've been getting about the new Connector Trail at the Park. This is the first trail complete as part of Heart of the Park renovations! We understand that all the renovations have been moving quickly and we wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable with the new Park Entrance and Connector... Read More
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Putting the 'Green' in the Greenline 1/2 Marathon

On October 12th, 2014, Shelby Farms Park will be hosting the greenest race around for the second year in a row: the Greenline Half Marathon.      Sustainability is built-in to the Park’s mission, management, and programming. Though thinking green is part of our DNA, it takes vigilance to ensure sure that sustainability remains at the forefront when planning events. Registration, catering, transportation -- all of these things can contribute to an event's carbon... Read More
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