Behind the at Spooky Nights

WARNING: Before you scroll down, be prepared. Some images in this post are a little gory. No one was injured in the making of this blog – all the red stuff you will see is the product of talented makeup and special effects artists.  --- One of my favorite things about Spooky Nights is that it has a little something for everyone, including ways to volunteer. Outside of Spooky Nights, there are so many ways to support the Park—from becoming a Member, to planting trees, to helping... Read More
Posted by Rebecca Dailey at 9-23-14 | 0 comments
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Seeking Your Input on A.C.C.E.S.S.

Three Locations. One Greenline. Thousands of People Served. With all the buzz surrounding the new MATA bus routes to and through the Park and the final, unanimous approval of the Greenline crossing at Germantown Parkway, I thought it an appropriate time to add another Greenline update to the mix: designs for three (3) bike/ped access points along the current and future Greenline are ready for your review! As soon as the Greenline was built in 2010, people started asking for connections... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 9-15-14 | 1 comments
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Your Visit Counts

Your visit counts at Shelby Farms Park + Greenline. Not just in the heartfelt, you're-our-favorite-Park-visitor kind of way, but literally, your visit counts. Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis and matching funds from the Hyde Family Foundations, SFPC was able to purchase a visitor tracking technology called Eco-Counters earlier this year. Sounds a bit Big Brother-y, but it is the first time we've been able to start tracking how many people utilize the... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 9-9-14 | 0 comments
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Fashion and Feathers

Don't wear white after Labor Day .  We've all heard this adage and probably all broke out our favorite white shorts and dresses to wear over the long weekend since it would be a major fashion faux pas to wear those white linen pants after the holiday.  We have some bold rebels at the Park who have been flaunting their all-white attire, rubbing in the end of summer with their blatant disregard for this well known rule.  If you are lamenting the fact that you packed up... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 9-2-14 | 1 comments
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