The Park's Role in the Mid South Regional Greenprint Plan

There is a reason the Shelby Farms Greenline is featured on the websites of organizations looking to plan the sustainable future for the city  ( Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)'s Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian plan webpage features an image of the Greenline blooming and  Mid South Regional Greenprint's short clip that summarizes their purpose opens with a shot of the Greenline): b ecause it has had an impact on biking in Memphis, Shelby County and the region... Read More
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First Fall Break Camp Deemed a Success by Critics

"Waking up and knowing I'm going to have fun" This is how one camper described her experience at SFPC's new Fall Break Camp, presented by Baptist Memorial Hospital, earlier this month.  The camp received stellar reviews from critics who matter: the campers. In a survey the campers took at the end of their week at the Park, every one of the 38 kids reported they had a great or okay time and would come again.   Above: Surveys from camp (we're assuming the second image... Read More
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A Tribute to Lois Kuiken- A Shelby Farms Park Forerunner

Today we are sharing the obituary of Shelby Farms Park legend Lois Kuiken, who, along with her husband Ken, was one of the original champions of the Park.   Lois in August 2006 accepting an "Outstanding Volunteer" award for her work at Shelby Farms Park.    Lois loved Shelby Farms Park, and recognized before most that this vast piece of land would someday add up to more than the sum of its parts.  She fought to guard the land from harmful commercial development,... Read More
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An Overview of Park Renovations

The Heart of the Park Project is on time and on budget after 5 months of construction! Lately, it has been hard to see all the progress our construction crews are making through all the dirt and dust. If it looks like we're just pushing around a lot of dirt, it's because we are. Our construction crews have been moving around 9,000-10,000 lbs of dirt per day (weather permitting as always) over the past couple months. The Heart of the Park project will restore Patriot Lake and the surrounding... Read More
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