A Look into This Past Year at Shelby Farms Park

Sick of end of the year pushes, promotions, and asks yet? Me too. So I'm not going to ask you for a cent. Yes, we love #GivingTuesday and have an  End of the Year ask and membership campaigns, because we rely on the public to raise the $7,123 it takes to care for Shelby Farms Park each day. But by this time of year, you know what we'll ask and you'll give what you can, so let's just sit and celebrate the year together.  A LOT has happened at Shelby Farms Park this year, most... Read More
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SFPC Goes Green and Gives Back During the Holidays

Upcycling takes on a deeper meaning during SFPC's Annual Bike Recycle. This program is not just about taking something old and making it new and pretty again; it takes old bikes and repurposes them as a tool for healthy recreation, a mode of transportation and a ticket to explore the diverse communities and opportunities in Memphis.  Bike Recycle was the very first program SFPC started and remains a simple idea: repair old bikes donated from the community and give them to... Read More
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Working Until the Sun Sets, Then Working Some More

Who said construction was an ugly mess? Read More
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Staff Spotlight: Chelsey McKinney

Meet Chelsey (* not Chelse a..  I learned the hard way),  SFPC's newest addition to the growing staff here at the Park! A Memphis native, Chelsey is in her twenties, likes long walks on the beach with her ferret, Spike, and listening to Nickelback on repeat. Just kidding . We'll let Chelsey tell you about herself in her own words. Hear all about where she came from, why she chose Shelby Farms Park and get a glimpse at why we chose her!  Chelsey grew up in Memphis and... Read More
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