April Volunteer Spotlight | Donnie Baldock

Donnie Baldock April Volunteer of the Month The Events + Programs Team is excited to highlight individuals who exemplify the Park's mission through their service. This month, we are honored to feature Donnie Baldock, a volunteer who has served Shelby Farms Park for years. Thank you, Donnie!  How long have you been a volunteer at Shelby Farms Park?  During the first Greenline Celebration I hosted the music stages at Tillman with my band and lots of friends. Thats when they found... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 4-27-15 | 0 comments
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Every Day is Earth Day at Shelby Farms Park

Happy Earth Day! Well we're a day early, but let's be honest, every day is Earth Day at Shelby Farms Park. Earth Day was founded 45 years ago to protect the environment from pollutants and negligence and to ensure nature's long term preservation for future generations to enjoy. SFPC has participated in this work each and every day since 2007 when we established a conservation easement to protect Shelby Farms Park from development.  We conserve the land, but do not fence it off for... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 4-20-15 | 0 comments
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New Blog Series Honoring our Volunteers

Introducing: New Volunteer Spotlights Each Month! As we kick off our 6th annual FedEx EarthSmart volunteer day here at Shelby Farms Park, we thought it an appropriate time to introduce a new series of posts to our blog, our Monthly Volunteer Spotlights. Volunteers - like the 90 who showed up today to clear invasive species, plant trees and prepare our gardens for Spring planting- are driving forces of the Park. We logged more than 30,000 volunteer hours in 2014 and have started off... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 4-7-15 | 0 comments
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Going Ape

Karen Carpenter once crooned that “rainy days and Mondays always bring me down,” but thanks to Go Ape, this particular rainy day did just the opposite – it brought me up (40ft. in the air, to be exact).  In anticipation of my trip through the trees, I obsessively checked the weather that morning. I had been assured that hitting the treetop adventure course could be done safely rain or shine (unless there is lightning), but dry seemed like the best scenario to me. But alas, nothing... Read More
Posted by Rebecca Dailey at 4-2-15 | 0 comments
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