What's in a Yurt?

"Yurt". For anyone who has ever played Balderdash , “yurt” may sound like a word that could easily live on one of the playing cards. I decided to play at being the "dasher" and recruit some of the staff here at the Park to provide definitions for you. Can you tell which of these definitions is true? Yurt (n): What people in Sweden call t-shirts. Use it in a sentence: "Yumpin yimminy! Dat's a sooper hip yurt" Abbreviation for yogurt Hairy jungle creature, similar to a... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 7-28-15 | 2 comments
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July Volunteer Spotlight | Steve O'Dell

Introducing July's Volunteer of the Month | Steve O'Dell The Events + Programs Team is excited to highlight individuals who exemplify the Park's mission through their service. This month, we are honored to feature Steve O'Dell, a volunteer who has used his green thumb to spruce up our Greenline Gardens. Read our Q+A With Steve below: How long have you been a volunteer at Shelby Farms Park? What do you find most fulfilling?   I've spent roughly a month working with caring... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 7-24-15 | 0 comments
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New Wayfinding Signs Coming to Shelby Farms Park

Kate Phillips, SFPC’s Facility Rentals Manager, has spent countless hours looking at maps, studying our trail system and putting herself in the mindset of a newcomer to Shelby Farms Park. These efforts have all been part of a larger plan to move people around the Park easily, so everyone can find and enjoy the gems that are tucked away in our 4,500 acres or know what is standing in plain sight. Hear from Kate as she details the long journey she’s taken to shorten others’ when... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 7-14-15 | 0 comments
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How the US Women's National Team World Cup Victory Parallels SFPC's Renovations

Happy Fourth Park Friends! What better way to celebrate our Nation's Independence than winning the World Cup while sporting our red, white and ... neon green? That exhilaration you felt Sunday about the Women's National Team's historic win, witnessing the fastest hat trick in a Women's or Men's World Cup and watching our national mascot come out for the show- that exhilaration is what you will surely feel about our Heart of the Park renovations when they open in 2016. ... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 7-6-15 | 0 comments
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