Memphis Garden Clubs Bring Weed Wrangle to Memphis + Shelby Farms Park

Green doesn't always mean good.  In a recent Commercial Appeal article , Lichterman volunteer Arch Johnston stated that Memphis' forests looked foreign to him, they were so overridden by invasive species and unhealthy. The photo below captures what he was seeing.  To me, and most other untrained eyes, this image looks like a full, healthy forest that is thriving and green even in the winter when this photo was taken. Most people wouldn't believe that the picture... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 1-29-16 | 0 comments
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January Volunteer of the Month

January Volunteer Spotlight | Alisa Firehock The Events + Programs Team is excited to highlight individuals who exemplify the Park's mission through their service. This month, we are honored to feature Alisa Firehock, a volunteer who has served with Shelby Farms Park Conservancy for the past 5 years. HOW HAVE YOU SEEN THE PARK CHANGE? WHERE DO YOU SEE THE PARK IN THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS?  WHAT'S THE MOST EXCITING PROJECT YOU'VE WORKED ON AS A VOLUNTEER? The Park evolution... Read More
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Parks' Role in Civil Rights

Yesterday, we celebrated the man who has become synonymous with the words, "I Have a Dream".  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against racial inequality, inspired people to dream of a different world and compelled people to take action and achieve equality for all people. Today, we remember MLK's life and hard work to leave a better world and we look closely at society and what still needs to be done. Inspired by the great work Martin Luther King Jr. did for our country, I wanted to... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 1-19-16 | 1 comments
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Behind the Scenes | First Eggs Laid at Shelby Farms Park

It is 8:15am as volunteer Steve O'Dell rolls in on his bicycle in the 34 degree weather. Rain or shine, freezing cold or oppressive heat, Steve arrives each morning at the Shelby Farms Park Greenline Gardens. Steve is a calming presence at the Park, coming each day to work in the gardens, direct our Farm to Fork Fellows or work SFPC events with good humor. He consistently brings himself as well as a lesson for the day. Today I am learning how to care for our flock of Shelby Farms Park... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 1-12-16 | 0 comments
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What You Should Know About Deer This Time Of Year

Oh, deer—It’s that time of year!    For deer at Shelby Farms Park, love is in the air and that means they are on a mission and will boldly go wherever they think they can get a date. That’s right—it’s mating season, which is also known as the “rut” or “rutting period.” The rut takes place as days get shorter and typically lasts one to three months (October-January), ensuring that the gestation period will end in the spring time when the weather is warmer so that fawns... Read More
Posted by Rebecca Dailey at 1-6-16 | 1 comments
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