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Chicks to Chickens!

How the time flies!  See how much our flock of chickens has grown in just 4 months!     When our chicks arrived this summer, they were the size of an egg, for obvious reasons. Since they were so small, they tended to huddle together for warmth, even in the Memphis August heat!  Now, much larger and more independent, they spend their days roosting, clearing out and fertilizing our garden beds in their portable coop and, yes, cuddling with each other.   ... Read More
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The Great Backyard Bird Count

Flying. Simple Idea, right? Easier for some than others.   A week ago, I would have said the same thing about birding, easy for some but not accessible to me. Then I met Marilynn Weeden.  Marilynn approached me with her passion for birds and an idea to spread the word about the Great Backyard Bird Count, a day of mass bird counts.   Marilynn is one of the Front Desk Ambassadors at the Park, who can answer almost any question about the goings-on at... Read More
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Fashion and Feathers

Don't wear white after Labor Day .  We've all heard this adage and probably all broke out our favorite white shorts and dresses to wear over the long weekend since it would be a major fashion faux pas to wear those white linen pants after the holiday.  We have some bold rebels at the Park who have been flaunting their all-white attire, rubbing in the end of summer with their blatant disregard for this well known rule.  If you are lamenting the fact that you packed up... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 9-2-14 | 1 comments
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Hawk-a Hawk-a Burnin' Love

Red-Tailed Juvenile Hawk Sighted at the Park! The Red-Tailed Juvenile Hawk is the most common hawk in North America, and the most common hawk found in Shelby Farms Park. Though this is not a rare sighting, it is still a powerful one and the closest encounter Ranger Cody has ever had with a hawk! As you can tell from the photos below, these birds of prey are avid hunters. They prefer to circle open fields or perch aloft in order to more easily find their next meal. Look for them on treetops... Read More
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