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Sustain Our Herd

This weekend at the Park, we'll be thinking of our main man, the lone male bull of the buffalo herd. We're offering a new way that you can help feed our favorite bull-headed man while supporting yours this Sunday with our Father's Day Buffalo Adoptions and Feed the Herd program.  Do you have a father who provides for you each year? Who maybe eats more food than anyone else you know (like our healthy bull)? Do you have a man in your life who makes extra cheesy jokes like: Well next... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 6-16-15 | 0 comments
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A Look into This Past Year at Shelby Farms Park

Sick of end of the year pushes, promotions, and asks yet? Me too. So I'm not going to ask you for a cent. Yes, we love #GivingTuesday and have an  End of the Year ask and membership campaigns, because we rely on the public to raise the $7,123 it takes to care for Shelby Farms Park each day. But by this time of year, you know what we'll ask and you'll give what you can, so let's just sit and celebrate the year together.  A LOT has happened at Shelby Farms Park this year, most... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 12-30-14 | 0 comments
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First Fall Break Camp Deemed a Success by Critics

"Waking up and knowing I'm going to have fun" This is how one camper described her experience at SFPC's new Fall Break Camp, presented by Baptist Memorial Hospital, earlier this month.  The camp received stellar reviews from critics who matter: the campers. In a survey the campers took at the end of their week at the Park, every one of the 38 kids reported they had a great or okay time and would come again.   Above: Surveys from camp (we're assuming the second image... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 10-21-14 | 1 comments
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Nice Calves

One of Shelby Farms Park’s unique features is our iconic herd of American Bison (we call them buffalo). And our family is growing! Four baby buffalo were born this summer, one in May, two in June, and one in July, bringing the total number of the Shelby Farms Park herd to 19.   If you go baby-spotting in the buffalo range (which we highly recommend!), you might count five calves, but don’t confuse the teenager with the newborns. As her name suggests, Stormy was born... Read More
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