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Behind the Scenes | First Eggs Laid at Shelby Farms Park

It is 8:15am as volunteer Steve O'Dell rolls in on his bicycle in the 34 degree weather. Rain or shine, freezing cold or oppressive heat, Steve arrives each morning at the Shelby Farms Park Greenline Gardens. Steve is a calming presence at the Park, coming each day to work in the gardens, direct our Farm to Fork Fellows or work SFPC events with good humor. He consistently brings himself as well as a lesson for the day. Today I am learning how to care for our flock of Shelby Farms Park... Read More
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Honeybee Haven: The Shelby Farms Apiary

Have you ever seen these boxes in the park before and wondered what they’re for? The answer? Honeybees! This bee yard, known as an “apiary,” is home to thousands of bees working to keep our gardens healthy and produce local, sustainable honey right here in Shelby Farms Park.  You might have known that the honey you eat comes from Honeybees, but did you know that Honeybees also play a critical role in producing many of the fruits and vegetables you eat? Each day, worker... Read More
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New Guests Arrive at Cluckingham Palace

After a month of hard work, the new chicken coop pictured above is finally ready to welcome its first guests who were born yesterday! Affectionately named Cluckingham Palace by our Farm to Fork Fellows, the chicken coop is our fancy structure custom built for our 12 new chicks who will arrive this week.  But how did we get to the point where we were hosting our second group of park residents, after the popular buffalo? Let's start from the beginning. The Greenline Gardens is an... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 8-18-15 | 1 comments
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July Volunteer Spotlight | Steve O'Dell

Introducing July's Volunteer of the Month | Steve O'Dell The Events + Programs Team is excited to highlight individuals who exemplify the Park's mission through their service. This month, we are honored to feature Steve O'Dell, a volunteer who has used his green thumb to spruce up our Greenline Gardens. Read our Q+A With Steve below: How long have you been a volunteer at Shelby Farms Park? What do you find most fulfilling?   I've spent roughly a month working with caring... Read More
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Grant Grows SFPC's Greenline Gardens

Such pretty gardens, right? Those were our gardens before renovations. You may be wondering what on this great green Earth needed to be changed about them.  If you look past the bright Spring green, you will see the root of our problem: the beds.  Like your bed at home, our beds were made out of wood. Hopefully unlike yours at home, our wooden beds were outside and were rapidly being weathered away from sun and water exposure. They could barely contain the soil threatening to... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 6-30-15 | 1 comments
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