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New Guests Arrive at Cluckingham Palace

After a month of hard work, the new chicken coop pictured above is finally ready to welcome its first guests who were born yesterday! Affectionately named Cluckingham Palace by our Farm to Fork Fellows, the chicken coop is our fancy structure custom built for our 12 new chicks who will arrive this week.  But how did we get to the point where we were hosting our second group of park residents, after the popular buffalo? Let's start from the beginning. The Greenline Gardens is an... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 8-18-15 | 1 comments
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Technology Transforming Access, Experience and Opportunities at the Park

What leads you to a park? What makes it attractive? How do you learn more about what happens in green spaces?  Trails, right?  They physically lead you in to a park, are a big attraction and show you, first hand, what is happening in a park.  But what about technology? Shelby Farms Park, at least, is attracting talent and visitors through technology. Whether it is social media, interactive google maps, or our free Shelby Farms Park app, there are countless ways... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 6-2-15 | 0 comments
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Interested in Internships? Q+A with Our Interns

Shannon Kelly moved to Memphis all the way from New York to intern at the Park this Spring and proved herself so indispensable it was hard to see her leave. Read about her experience with the SFPC Events + Programs team below: When asked to complete a full time 14-week internship in order to graduate from SUNY Cortland, I automatically thought this was my opportunity to get out of New York, meet new people and further my career. While looking for internships my biggest priority was being... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 5-19-15 | 0 comments
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