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Where there's a Wheel, there's a Way

As the Mid South Greenways coordinator, Cort Percer holds expert knowledge on how to navigate the gaps in cycling access and get from one bike lane, greenway or park to another. We reached out to him for a guest blog on greenways in the city and learned some new routes to the park. Enjoy the virtual cycling tour of Memphis that Cort brings to life below. "Like Rome, there are a myriad of ways to get to Shelby Farms Park. It's situated pretty close to the middle of Shelby County and it's... Read More
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Special Delivery | New Signs to Be Installed this Week!

Have you heard about our new Wayfinding signs that we're installing around the Park? Finally, after two years, we are ready to install the directional signs! Demonstration signs were tested last week and permanent signs will start going in this week. Anywhere you see these holes... ...You will soon see these signs helping you navigate your way around this 4,500 park!  These signs are part of the $70M of improvements we are bringing to the Park by the end of 2016. ... Read More
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New Wayfinding Signs Coming to Shelby Farms Park

Kate Phillips, SFPC’s Facility Rentals Manager, has spent countless hours looking at maps, studying our trail system and putting herself in the mindset of a newcomer to Shelby Farms Park. These efforts have all been part of a larger plan to move people around the Park easily, so everyone can find and enjoy the gems that are tucked away in our 4,500 acres or know what is standing in plain sight. Hear from Kate as she details the long journey she’s taken to shorten others’ when... Read More
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