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What You Should Know About Deer This Time Of Year

Oh, deer—It’s that time of year!    For deer at Shelby Farms Park, love is in the air and that means they are on a mission and will boldly go wherever they think they can get a date. That’s right—it’s mating season, which is also known as the “rut” or “rutting period.” The rut takes place as days get shorter and typically lasts one to three months (October-January), ensuring that the gestation period will end in the spring time when the weather is warmer so that fawns... Read More
Posted by Rebecca Dailey at 1-6-16 | 1 comments
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Chicks to Chickens!

How the time flies!  See how much our flock of chickens has grown in just 4 months!     When our chicks arrived this summer, they were the size of an egg, for obvious reasons. Since they were so small, they tended to huddle together for warmth, even in the Memphis August heat!  Now, much larger and more independent, they spend their days roosting, clearing out and fertilizing our garden beds in their portable coop and, yes, cuddling with each other.   ... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 10-27-15 | 0 comments
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Honeybee Haven: The Shelby Farms Apiary

Have you ever seen these boxes in the park before and wondered what they’re for? The answer? Honeybees! This bee yard, known as an “apiary,” is home to thousands of bees working to keep our gardens healthy and produce local, sustainable honey right here in Shelby Farms Park.  You might have known that the honey you eat comes from Honeybees, but did you know that Honeybees also play a critical role in producing many of the fruits and vegetables you eat? Each day, worker... Read More
at 10-20-15 | 1 comments
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Building Biodiversity | New Native Trees Coming to Shelby Farms Park

Hey Park fans! Recently, I posted about our biodiversity here at Shelby Farms Park and how we’re working to strengthen our web of life here at the park through our ten-year privet removal plan .  But removing species from the park doesn’t create a “web” itself; there’s a critical second step.  That’s why I’m back today to talk about how we’re strengthening our biodiversity, not through removal, but through additions!  Once invasive species are cleared out of the park,... Read More
at 10-6-15 | 2 comments
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Fishing at the Park

Ranger Cody, our resident Naturalist at the Park has provided this week's blog post, which is inspired by a recent study that assessed the health of our lakes. He reviewed the recommendations and has some advice for our fishermen and women out there who play a role in managing our lakes. As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, habitats have to be managed and we could use your help!   A Quick Guide to Fishing in Shelby Farms Park.  There are dozens of opportunities to fish, with... Read More
Posted by Betsy Peterson at 9-15-15 | 0 comments
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