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Where there's a Wheel, there's a Way

As the Mid South Greenways coordinator, Cort Percer holds expert knowledge on how to navigate the gaps in cycling access and get from one bike lane, greenway or park to another. We reached out to him for a guest blog on greenways in the city and learned some new routes to the park. Enjoy the virtual cycling tour of Memphis that Cort brings to life below. "Like Rome, there are a myriad of ways to get to Shelby Farms Park. It's situated pretty close to the middle of Shelby County and it's... Read More
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Part 2: Volunteers Join Rangers in Fight Against Privet

They're back! Our Ranger superheros, Cody and Clay, continue to battle the Chinese Privet that is attempting to take over the Lucius Burch Natural Area Forest. In case you missed it, here is Tom Charlier's article in the Commercial Appeal, featuring Cody and Clay and their work we've been tracking on this blog. If that's why you're here, then read on for more details! As mentioned in the article, volunteers from International Paper and Ducks Unlimited braved the winter weather to come help... Read More
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Bike Repair Stations New to Shelby Farms Park

Ever twisted your handle bars when riding the Tour de Wolf or realized your tires were painfully low when crossing the Wolf River Bridge on your ride into the Park? Then this post is for you and your sore quads. In case you missed the announcements here and here , Shelby Farms Park has installed four bike repair stations! So pump up those tires and continue gliding down the Greenline. The repair stations include 8 commonly used bike tools and a pump to help you make some minor tweaks... Read More
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Proof That We'll Deliver

SFPC has lofty goals for the renovations coming to the Park. We've committed to delivering the Heart of the Park project on time and on budget. If you've watched the aerial video of construction you may think it all looks too good to be true. Need some reassurance that this will all become a realization next year in 2016? Take a look at our demonstration projects.  The iconic structures and pathways to the Park that come to mind when you hear of Shelby Farms Park serve as concrete... Read More
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Navigating the New Bike/Ped Connector Trail

Can I still get from the Wolf River Bridge to the Shelby Farms Greenline? Can I still use Pine Lake Dr. to enter the Park? Is the trail wide enough for bikes and pedestrians? These are a few questions we've been getting about the new Connector Trail at the Park. This is the first trail complete as part of Heart of the Park renovations! We understand that all the renovations have been moving quickly and we wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable with the new Park Entrance and Connector... Read More
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