Are you gonna catch 'em all?

With 4,500 acres of green space and dozens of lakes, Shelby Farms Park is home to all sorts of wildlife, including Pokémon! We are so excited that you have discovered a new way to play the Park, and we hope that while you’re out catching digital creatures, you take the time to enjoy the Park’s beauty.

Park Ranger Brigitta shared some great tips that will help you enjoy the Park in a new way while helping to keep this special space clean, green and safe. 

Pokémon Go at Shelby Farms Park from Shelby Farms Park on Vimeo.

  • The Park is a shared space – there are lots of visitors in the Park, especially on the weekends, so please be mindful of those who are running, biking and hiking the trails.
  • Fences and gates apply to all visitors
  • Steer clear of the Heart of the Park construction site
  • Park gates close at sunset – Give yourself ample time to reach your car and exit the Park prior to sunset. Today’s sunset time can be found on the home page of our website:
  • Don’t catch and drive -- Park roads are shared spaces, too, so help keep our visitors and wildlife safe by keeping your eyes on the road

Happy catching!

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