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We recently received a gift from a little Park fan named Cece.

Four-year old Cece visited the Park with her mom, Emily, and took great interest in our buffalo herd. She asked her mom how she could help care for the buffalo, so they made their way to the temporary Visitor Center where Cece generously offered to donate $5 to help pay for the herd's food.


Cece visitng Bob the Buffalo in the VC

We shared Cece's thoughtful contribution with our herd manger, Park Ranger Benn, who wrote Cece a note letting her know how her gift will be used to help us care for our gentle giants. Shortly after, we received the letter below from Cece's mom:

Dear Shelby Farms Park:
Thank you so much for your sweet note and all the goodies you sent my little girl Cece as receipt of her donation! It made her day. She was so excited to receive the photo of the buffalo, too, and she said, "I'm part of the herd now!" She just turned four at the end of March and this was her first charitable donation. She loves Shelby Farms and has spent many, many hours on the playground, hiking, and of course visiting the bison, so when we told her that people like her give money every day to make sure that the park can thrive, she knew she wanted to help too. Hopefully she'll be a Shelby Farms donor for life!

Thanks so much for fostering Cece's love of giving back. We're lucky to have Shelby Farms and are grateful to be a part of y'all's herd!


WOW. It's moments like this that remind us of how much the Park means to our visitors. One of the things I love most about the Park is our supporters. We are so fortunate to be at the heart of a community that doesn't simply want to use this big, beautiful green space -- they want to invest in its future. It's doubly special to connect with little Park fans like Cece, who at a young age are committed to making a big difference and learning how to care for the things and spaces they love. 

We are fortunate to have great supporters, both kids and kids at heart, that show the Park and Greenline love each year through volunteering, becoming Park Members and through giving gifts that give back to the Park, and this month, we're extra lucky to have an anonymous donor matching all Membership contributions made through June 30, 2016. That means a Membership donation made to the Park this June will do twice as much good! 

Do you love the Park and Greenline as much as Cece loves our buffalo? Join the herd as a Park Member today to double the power of your gift and to start earning special Park Perks, both within the Park and with our community partners. 

Bonus: If you join the herd by June 30, 2016, you'll receive this limited edition, Members only t-shirt, featuring one of our most iconic residents!

Shelby Farms Park is a people-powered Park, and Membership contributions go a long way! Gifts from Park Members help keep the Park and Greenline clean, green and safe year round, and they also help ensure that the Park has a bright future. Click here to join the herd today.

After all -- The Park belongs to everyone. Shouldn't everyone belong to the Park?

Posted by Rebecca Dailey at 9:44 AM
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