Play the Park: Meet Tyrie

Meet Park fan Tyrie and her daughters, Liyah, Brookyn + Destiny!

We met this fun family in the Woodland Discovery Playground early one morning, and Tyrie mentioned that they visited the night before, but just didn't get enough!

What brought you back to the Park? 
We came yesterday about an hour before it closed and set up a picnic by the playground. It wasn’t a long enough for the kids though. 
Do you visit any areas other than the playground?
My favorite is a nature walk on the paved trails. I tried the unpaved once, but the paved is more for me. My kids enjoy the playground. Me and my husband once rode our bikes from Tillman and then took a trail towards Germantown Parkway going down Humphrey’s Blvd. It’s a paved trail with a bridge. We’ve been all over that area. Sometimes I come in the morning and run the track.
Wow, you really know your way around the Park! Is there anything you would add to it?
One thing that would be good is if y'all get a pool around here! 
While swimming is not offered, Tyrie was delighted to learn about the Water Play Sprayground coming soon to Heart of the Park!

Play the Park is a series on the Park Life blog where we get to know
Park fans and their favorite ways to play! 
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