Shelby Farms Park Conservancy's Statement on Parkside Development Project

Shelby Farms Park’s ability to positively impact the communities beyond its borders has always been an important part of our big vision for the world’s next great 21st century park.

We believe that smart development on the Park’s edges can benefit both the community and the Park if it’s done well. Cities and people invest in parks and green spaces to help improve neighborhoods and encourage economic development, healthy lifestyles, and positive community interactions. We believe that the Parkside development has the potential to complement Shelby Farms Park’s mission while enhancing the communities north of the Park, but only if it is designed, built and operated well. We’ve hired experts to help us independently vet the plans to ensure both feasibility and good design.  While we have no financial stake in the project and it is not an SFPC project, we believe that a public park has a big responsibility to its citizens. Over the years, we’ve carefully studied the positive impacts of smart development near major urban parks. A good design, thoughtfully planned, can and should lift neighborhoods.

We've asked for and received the right to review the Parkside Development plans before they are approved. We're monitoring the development closely and have several concerns about the proposed Parkside development, including the impact to traffic in the area and through the Park, treatment of the Greenline, the feasibility and financing of the project, and communication and transparency with Park neighbors.  

We will keep you posted on progress working with the developer and with Park neighbors. Here's a link to a video about the project. 


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