Shelby Farms Park Conservancy Reaches $170,000 Fundraising Goal for New Greenline Access Point

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy (SFPC) is pleased to announce that with an incredible show of support from the community, Commissioner Heidi Shafer and the Hyde Family Foundations, $170,000  has been raised for the purpose of creating an access point for trail visitors of all ages and abilities from Perkins Road to Shelby Farms Greenline.

The funding will be used to connect more than 1,000 residents to the Shelby Farms Greenline via an ADA accessible path at the Perkins Rd. intersection of the Greenline, an area where there is currently a 2.5 mile stretch of trail without any neighborhood access. Though highly trafficked, the unofficial access point is currently a precarious path with a steep, eroding incline. The new access point includes some unique challenges due to the steep slope and connection to a major overpass, making this access point one of the biggest safety improvements on the trail.

The fundraising project launched within the community in June 2015 and received support from a Shelby County Community Enhancement Grant, sponsored by Commissioner Heidi Shafer. Shafer awarded the full amount of the grant--$100,000--to the project. Community support, spearheaded by neighbors in the area adjacent to the access point, came in through ioby (In Our BackYards) campaigns and through the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy website. A $58,000 grant from Hyde Family Foundations helped push the fundraising goal across the finish line.

Now that funding has been secured for the project, SFPC is working with the City of Memphis to acquire the right-of-way for the access point before construction can begin. Once the right-of-way is acquired and the construction plans are approved by all parties involved, work will begin (start date TBA).   

The Perkins Access Project will take approximately five months to complete, and the adjacent section of the trail will remain open during construction. 


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