Dog-A-Roo Dog Training + Behavior Area

Dog-A-Roo | Dog Training + Behavior Area

Trainer Demonstration Schedule


10-11am + 1-2PM 

The American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen program stresses responsible dog ownership and well-mannered dogs. The test is comprised of 10 steps where your dog is required to be relaxed and display polite manners in social situations. Information about the individual test steps can be found by clicking the link below. The certification cost is $25 per dog.  

canine good citizen test

agility fun runs

10am-noon + 1-2pm

Beginning with canine cavalettis, jumps, weave poles, tunnels and ending with a pause box, your dog will be able to run through a multi-obstacle agility course. We help you and your dog through the first half and let you take off through the second duplicated half. All obstacles are safe for all dogs. No prior skills required. Take your dog through a 10-obstacle agility course for $5 per dog.

Mini Clinics Schedule

10:00am Get a Jump on Jumping! 

Come teach your dog what to do instead of jumping.

10:20am Leave It/Drop It

Save your favorite shoes and other treasures from your dog.

10:40am Tips for Foster Families

How to help your foster dogs become highly adoptable.

11:00am Trick Training

Want to teach your dog a new trick? Spend a few minutes learning how to teach your dog to rollover, spin/twirl, crawl, bravo + much more! Treats will be provided.

11:20am Tips for New Puppy Parents

Are you thinking of getting a puppy? Do you have questions or concerns? When should you start training your puppy? When should you enroll them in a class? Come learn important information that can set your puppy up to reach their full potential and ward off behavior issues.

11:40am Paw Print Painting with your Pup 

Is your dog a Pawcasso, Salvador Barki, or Andy Pawhol? Come enjoy paw painting with your pup! Canvas and water paints provided. Yours and your dog’s imagination are the only requirements for this fun session. 

12:00pm Ask the Trainer 

1:00pm Enrichment Toys

We’ve moved from the farm to the city and brought our favorite breeds with us, but now they have no job and no outlet for their energy and work skills. Enrichment toys have helped mitigate this for many dogs. We will demonstrate some of these toys and show how to match the toy to the dog. Your dog’s participation is encouraged.

1:20pm Get on the Ball with your Dog

Balance balls are not just for humans. See how dogs can develop their core strengths on specially designed dog balls - and help us develop muscle tone at the same time. Dog participation is encouraged.

1:40pm Adolescent Dogs Do's and Don'ts

Owning a puppy is easy compared to owning a teenage dog. Learn what behaviors indicate your dog is now an adolescent and what you can do about them.

All proceeds support Shelby Farms Park + Shelby Farms Greenline.

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